Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday Morning

What "Saturday Morning" meant to me (and pretty much every other kid ever)......cartoons!!

(Wish I had time to think this one through a bit more, or at least produce a decent drawing.....but only had time for a super quickie this week.......)

Rich Hennemann, 2011
Ink & Watercolor, about 10 minutes start to finish

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  1. This image reminds me of how much the world has changed since I was a little one. I remember when NBC, ABC and CBS used to do a big premiere/push for their Saturday Morning cartoon line-ups in prime time each September. Of course, that was in the pre-VCR days never mind the pre-cable and on demand days. Now a days, I'm not sure that any of those networks even have a Saturday morning line-up of any kind. Seems that the local network affiliates are showing local news and/or paid programs that are usually nothing more than half-hour or hour commercials.