Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Kirby Alphabet

Inspired by Langridge's Kirby Alphabet last year, I decided to do one of my own. I learned several valuable lessons.
1) Never curse any inker that worked with Kirby. Vince Colleta is now off the hook. These guys had to be saints, because this stuff is insanely complicated.
2) Galactus' helmet is some kind of unsolvable geometry problem.
3) Ink wash is for tough guys. I am not a tough guy.
4) I loved Kirby before. Now I love him more. The elegance of his design and execution becomes more apparent when you try and duplicate it. The guy was a genius. Deep, deep genius. Glad I picked him. I won't make that mistake twice. Hope you enjoy my folk art attempt to honor the King.


  1. When Alex Ross worked on Marvels, he had to construct Galactus' helmet and have his model wear it. Kirby had great imagination and talent!

  2. Barda had me laughing out loud, Q. Great job with the alphabet. :)