Monday, April 25, 2011

The Splendid Splinter

Had to do another quick my Sox some love.  Teddy Ballgame.....

Williams' Career Stats:

Batting average: .344
Home runs: 521
Hits: 2,654
RBI: 1,839
OPS: 1.116
BB: 2,021
AB:  7,706

Rich Hennemann, 2011
Watercolor on cold press block


  1. Gorgeous Rich...between this and your Babe piece, should just start doing a HOF up, Stan the Man, Hammerin' Hank, Jackie Robinson, Gibby...users of PED's need not apply!!! ;-) Me miss our humble little home!!!

  2. Thanks, George!

    I will most definitely do Jackie Robinson....and Bob Gibson (one of my all time favorites).

    And, yeah.....I miss it, too.

    - Rich