Thursday, April 7, 2011

Treebeard, Some Call Me

This week's theme, chosen by me, is The Lord of the Rings. Plenty to pick from there, right?

My favorite character is Treebeard. I don't know why.

Super rush job on this one, as I'm heading out to the Toronto ComiCon Fan Appreciation Event in Toronto this weekend. I probably would have skipped a week, but when it's your choice you gotta do one. If you're gonna play lumberjack, you gotta hold up your end of the wood.

Kelly Tindall, 2011
9"x12" on Bristol

As always, you can see more work by me at my sketchbook blog, my deviantArt page, or posted on Twitter. My webcomic, That's So Kraven!, has a new webisode online right here.

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