Thursday, April 21, 2011


7" x 11" inch Pencils on Bristol Board - 25 min. sketch.

7" x 11" inch Inked on Bristol Board

Mariners are having a rough start right now with their 6-13 W-L average so far. They had lost 7 games straight in the Texas Rangers and Indians series, and then another 4 straight last week.

Nothing like some Young Healthy Griffey to heat up the roster and get the game going at fullswing. If only some sort of miracle could take place and we turn those L into consecutive W's. I can't help it but it but just wonder if that will ever happen.

Oh and also, I was at the Seattle Mariners Store in Bellevue Square on Monday, and they said you can get Centerfield bleacher seats for only $7 now. So cheap, but it just means you would be going to the game in disappointment. Either way, win-loss, no matter, I will always enjoy watching them regardless. After all, it's my hometown team.

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